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Self Drive Minibus Hire

Buses, cabs, and the tube. Those are probably your initial options when you are checking out how your group could easily get around Chelsea. Well, you have to look further, because those aren't your only options. Here's the problem with these modes of transport for group travellers. The tube could be quite crowded, especially during rush hour, and there is a tight schedule to be observed. Buses also observe a certain schedule and if you are new to Chelsea, it might take a while before you familiarize yourself with the bus stops. Cabs, on the other hand, are going to make a huge drain on your finances. If you are a large group and you'd require more than two or three cabs, you would be done in.

Well, here we are, Chelsea Minibus Hire, to solve that problem for you. We specialize in providing transport solutions for groups who are visiting Chelsea and need a ride that will accommodate the group as a single unit, instead of splitting them up. Depending on the number of people in your group, we will assign you a minibus that will suit your particular needs at the certain point in time. Our fleet consists of a extensive fleet of minibuses so you shouldn't worry that we may not have the exact seating capacity you require.

Minibus Hire Chelsea is popular for our minibus hire with driver where, aside from providing the vehicle, we will also assign a driver from our company to drive your group around Chelsea. He will be friendly, sociable, and with all the necessary qualifications and technical skills to drive you around the area. When we hired them, we made sure they possess all the social skills that will put our passengers immediately at ease.

But we know that there are different strokes for different folks. Some people are simply not made for socializing, at least not with strangers. Maybe they are wary of putting their lives in the hands of someone they've only met that day. Some people also come to Chelsea looking forward to some quality "alone" time with their friends or family, and they may not appreciate having someone new sharing that time and the minibus' enclosed space with them. It could be that there might be some topics or discussions that are meant for their ears only, and it would truly be awkward if they have to choose and pick their words because there is someone else in the minibus with them.

Well, here is how we deal with those issues: we offer the self drive minibus hire option. In this service, privacy and confidentiality are kept. The passengers would feel more comfortable knowing that they are sharing their ride with people they are familiar with and put their trust in. But who will be driving the minibus? That is up to you. If there is anyone in your group who can drive, and is familiar with Chelsea, you may choose him. You may also call on someone you know and trust to drive you around town.

We won't give you a hard time of it, don't worry. All we require is proof of your designated driver's qualifications as a driver and the assurance from your group that the minibus will be in good hands. From that point forward, you will be free to go as you please in Chelsea. Should you require anything, however, we will just be a phone call away and will be ready to jump to your aid at a moment's notice.

While on the trip, you can take advantage of what our smoothly-running and hiccup-free minibus have to offer: a clean and smooth ride, with a sliding roof for more up-close and personal sightseeing, drink coolers to keep you cool and fresh, and an entertainment system that will keep you occupied even when you're simply sitting down for the ride.

Take this rare opportunity to see Chelsea in a hassle- and stress-free way while keeping in control of your trip. Avail of Minibus Hire Chelsea's self drive minibus hire.

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